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Interview Knowledge Station – Band Vale FM

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      Interview Knowledge Station - Band Vale FM

Envolverde – Knowledge Station Featured

The Envolverde published an article on the knowledge station, check part and follow the link to see the matter in full:


One of the most important railway stations of the coffee cycle will be recovered in the Vale do Paraíba. The Taubaté Railway Station, with 139 years of foundation, will be restored and opened to the public in 2016 as a large Educational Center, Cultural and Tourism aimed its preservation. Built in European architectural style of the century 19, the building is considered unique and of great historical importance.

Reportedly the station was used by important personalities of economic and cultural setting of the story, as the writer and entrepreneur Monteiro Lobato, the sanitary doctors Emilio Ribas and Osvaldo Cruz, the entrepreneur Felix Guisard, besides the President Getúlio Vargas, Princess Elizabeth and Dom Pedro II.

The Knowledge Station project will be implemented on site, both at the station and in a warehouse annex, by I.S Institute. Development and Human Sustainability, a social organization based in Taubaté. Its director, Rodrigo France, received local keys at the end of December 2014, after nearly three years of negotiations with the company that operates the local rail network and the National Department of Transport Infrastructure (Dnit), body of the Union.

See the full: http://envolverde.com.br/sociedade/estacao-ferroviaria-seculo-19-vai-se-tornar-centro-cultural-em-taubate/

High Performance Leader

Meet the Leader Training Level High Performance Self

The purpose of the Training Leader High Performance Level Self aims to focus on the results with added value for both parties, namely, both for the professional who has the opportunity to discover their strengths and improvements; as he thinks and makes decisions; your leadership style; degree of power and flexibility; among many other indices, as for the company that can build a business plan guided the potential of their human capital objectively, real and direct, decreasing turnover, demotivation, conflict and lack of objectivity.


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How it works today and how will the dynamic maintenance of public lighting after the deadline for completion of the Transfer of Assets of Public Enlightenment after day 31 December 2014.

Whoever does the maintenance of public lighting - mostly IP?

Today, in the case of most municipalities in the RMVale, the maintenance of public lighting is performed by Distributor, This service is charged by a charge differentiates (identified as B4b).

Opportunely, clarify that practice two related to public lighting tariffs, being Tarif B4b – where responsibility for maintenance of the public lighting system fits the distribution and Tarif B4a – when system maintenance is the responsibility of municipalities.

So, the rate differs itself as ownership of assets. A Tarif B4b is a differentiated tariff, it is subsidized for the costs of the Concessionaire, in this case makes system maintenance, be mitigated. Have the lighting system nonstandard, the responsibility of municipalities, has, nor will any allowance, it is the responsibility of the municipality to service the system.
Usually the difference between B4a and B4b revolves around 9%, in other words, with the transfer of assets of public lighting, the electricity bills for street lighting will be reduced by 9%, pois a Tarif B4b is less than Tarif B4a.
What it will be up to the municipalities the transfer of assets of public lighting?
With the transfer of assets of public lighting, the municipalities are responsible for services related to Lighting, these being:
– Project design
– Implantation
– Expansion
– Operation
– Maintenance of public lighting
Who can perform the services?
These IP-related services may be performed by a legal entity under public law or delegated by this concession or authorization.
Collection of the contribution of public lighting – CIP hairs Municípios.
A Contribution to Funding of Public Lighting Service (CIP) under Article 149-A of the Constitution of 1988 establishes, between the powers of municipalities, dispose, specific law as approved by City Council, the way to recovery and the basis of calculation of CIP.
Most municipalities have instituted the RMVale noes CIP ie, the value of the contribution does not enter as revenue for the municipality cover these new costs for streetlights transferred to municipalities pursuant to Resolution 414/2010. Here, IS Institute entered into a partnership with the Institute of Brazil LED - ILED contribute to the RMVale municipalities and the State of São Paulo since the Law of CIP pre-design to talk to the conventional IP / LED Retrofit and maintenance.
Municipalities that do not have CIP will also have to consider - design services, implantation, expansion, operation, maintenance of public lighting installations, depreciation rate and the return on investment for the proper functioning of the system.
The ILED was the entity responsible for the case of Abreu e Lima - PE, first city 100% LED in the world, O and it was possible for two reasons: 1- the city created the CIP and 2- utilizou or system RETROFIT by LEDBrasil, an adaptive all lighting module that reduces the maintenance cost of conversion and, because the technology is via chip unlike LED'se lenses silicone instead of acrylic.
The true cost of operating expenses and the maintenance of public lighting is not limited to 9%, corresponding to the reduction in the electric bill indicated by distribution, in other words, all municipalities must review, mandatory CIP, ie in the case of municipalities that already have such as Cacapava, so that it closely matches the actual amounts to be spent with the costs mentioned.
Depreciation costs relate to the amount needed for the formation of financial resources for the recovery of investments prudently to provide electric service to the end of its useful life.

Download files attached to learn more:

Hiring Specialized Company

Bidding – Special report on managing risks of extreme events – Brazilian Panel on Climate Change

Quote Preview SICONV N. 8/2014

Data: 10/04/2014 – 17:00 h
Object: Recruitment company specializing in consulting services for the preparation of the special report on managing risks of extreme events and disasters to advance climate change adaptation in Brazil, to meet the goal 1 , Stage 1.

Bidding – Recruitment company specializing in consulting services for the preparation of the special report on managing risks of extreme events and disasters to advance climate change adaptation in Brazil, to meet the goal 1 , Stage 1.


Andrea Santos
Executive Secretary / Executive Secretary
Brazilian Panel on Climate Change / Brazilian Panel on Climate Change

Phone: +55 (21) 3733-4121

Building CEGN – Technology Park
Rua Emidio Paulo Barbosa, 485 1º andar
1A Quadra Island Fundão
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